Saturday, January 26, 2013

Audry's Quilt

Here is Audry and Mom enjoying new quilt. Quilt center Handpainted flowers ,birds , butterflies.embroidery was added, and the quilt center was sippled around all the images , so to have all the flowers etc. to pop. Painted ,using metalic paint (I make my own fabric paints so I can have fun) the ribbon border that is all around the outer edge of quilt center.
Placed and center on another batting (the quilt center was stippled on a light weight batting as to not add weight for the stippling). A border 1 of an 12" Rose Chenille was added around the quilt center.Border 2 of 4 different silk colors was added to finish the meeting of the quilt center and the Rose chenille border. Border 3 the finish edge of quilt I use a Light gray silk of 2.5". Now. for the fun detail , a 4" strip of lime green silk (yes I am in love with silk ) gathered sheard to look like grass . place small flowers on the outside and bugs. I loved it . Oh yes the dragon was painted emboider and made to  look like he just landed.

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