Sunday, January 27, 2013

Visions of Alaska Baby Quilt

This was a baby quilt. commissioned by a client for their close friend  in PA. I first sketch out my idea, a sceen of Alaska for a child.  As you can see, in the sketch and finished quilt, how my vision came forth. This was made with so much fun, creativity, and just love. 
The top left quilt picture is all finished except for the plane , I wanted to get the K-2 plane colors . so they were added right before delivery.
I love Sunflowers, and I know ,It may be hard ,to believe, but sunflowers grow great here, in Alaska.
I scretched Muslin, on my Painting frame (made of 2"x2") .
Basically I drew the characters,  and landscape to give it that child like look, freehand. Next ,I painted with fabric paint,( I make my self )
also used Dye washes. Embellished with threadpainting , stippling, hand embroidery. 
 The animal characters present , wolf, moose, bear, raven, fish and eskimo children surrounded by fireweed, river rock, mountains, Moon, Sunflower, mountain climbers, airplanes. A border and backing of greenery Fabric, so represents summer Alaska, was purchased @ Talkeetna Gifts and Collectables.( Love to go up stairs and wonder thur all the beautiful quilt fabric.) The fabric I picked out was so soft and set the whole quilt off, beautifully.
The batting used inside was 100%  , as was all the fabric. also I prewashed all the fabrics before and after . All the paints and dyes were heat set . Was very pleased , so was client and the now owner of this so Alaskan baby quilt .

Saturday, January 26, 2013

My organic Quilt

This will be made again. Was made for Danny ,daughter, talked Daddy out of it, how could he refuse, his loving daughter.
This was, so much fun, Okay, you have to the picture of how it was created. I'm @ the creative table (it is not my work Table, how can you call something ,you love to do, your work table or your work). I'm listeningto Danny, telling me the philsophical stuff of mushrooms and Listening to Todd on KTNA playing Jimmy Henricks . Wow ,Okay I'm overloaded.
 I'm wanting to play with Muslin (yes, my other fabric, I love to play with.)
Well, I find myself scrunching up the muslin, to see if it would look like, the underneath of the mushroom.
Next, doing all kinds, of crazy on it, to get it to stay . Okay, it did so when it dried , I stitched and stitched , Wow, it now looks like the sun , so that is how the rays got added . Yellow paint chalk ,and stitches, made the rays pop. Red dye to border 1 and 1 1/2 as to the yellow border . Then, I happily,stitched S stitches to look like lace. 
The green border 2 has Christmas mushooms( or fairy mushrooms ) Painted leaving the muslin showing for the mushroom stems. Threadpainting was added around and on the mushrooms . The green is still that same piece of muslin ,and  was painted with a wash of green metalic paint, then I free handed, embroidered ferns all around.
Border 3 a 3.5" red silk with self embroidery bees.
 Not shown here ,the final Border 4 I used as the finished border was made of a fabulous  5" hand dyed moss green felt. Oh my, I am in love with this piece , so was Danny and Hannah.  

Christmas Topper

Made 3 of these for my Girls . Table Topper . I need to make one for myself. Fabrics used ,Silk, Velvets , cottons, Muslin. You can see I like to shake it up . Ha Ha

Audry's Quilt

Here is Audry and Mom enjoying new quilt. Quilt center Handpainted flowers ,birds , butterflies.embroidery was added, and the quilt center was sippled around all the images , so to have all the flowers etc. to pop. Painted ,using metalic paint (I make my own fabric paints so I can have fun) the ribbon border that is all around the outer edge of quilt center.
Placed and center on another batting (the quilt center was stippled on a light weight batting as to not add weight for the stippling). A border 1 of an 12" Rose Chenille was added around the quilt center.Border 2 of 4 different silk colors was added to finish the meeting of the quilt center and the Rose chenille border. Border 3 the finish edge of quilt I use a Light gray silk of 2.5". Now. for the fun detail , a 4" strip of lime green silk (yes I am in love with silk ) gathered sheard to look like grass . place small flowers on the outside and bugs. I loved it . Oh yes the dragon was painted emboider and made to  look like he just landed.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Amy wears a Period Costume "1906 "

Here is a "1906" period costume, made By Threadsrflying.
 Amy is wearing a Blood Red Silk Satin over blouse and Skirt, trimmed with 5 various black fringe, tassels,ribbons,lace trims.
Under blouse ,black venetian lace from the 1930's bought @ A Schwabs on Beale Street Memphis Tn.
Pattern inspiration used was from an 1906 Paris Dress Makers Cutter

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rainy's Skirt

Rainy's Skirt , over the holidays , each year, as a present, to one of the grandchildren , I give them materials to design with me their gift. Last year it was Anthony's messager bag , this year Rainy a Skirt. It is so much fun . Rainy, got so into it , she made up 3 page drawings, so i took a picture with the iphone. (So Nan would not forget details). Will add drawings later.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

under Construction

Over the next few weeks this blog is under construction . I didn't want to close it down , so bare with me have fun watching it happen.