Sunday, January 27, 2013

Visions of Alaska Baby Quilt

This was a baby quilt. commissioned by a client for their close friend  in PA. I first sketch out my idea, a sceen of Alaska for a child.  As you can see, in the sketch and finished quilt, how my vision came forth. This was made with so much fun, creativity, and just love. 
The top left quilt picture is all finished except for the plane , I wanted to get the K-2 plane colors . so they were added right before delivery.
I love Sunflowers, and I know ,It may be hard ,to believe, but sunflowers grow great here, in Alaska.
I scretched Muslin, on my Painting frame (made of 2"x2") .
Basically I drew the characters,  and landscape to give it that child like look, freehand. Next ,I painted with fabric paint,( I make my self )
also used Dye washes. Embellished with threadpainting , stippling, hand embroidery. 
 The animal characters present , wolf, moose, bear, raven, fish and eskimo children surrounded by fireweed, river rock, mountains, Moon, Sunflower, mountain climbers, airplanes. A border and backing of greenery Fabric, so represents summer Alaska, was purchased @ Talkeetna Gifts and Collectables.( Love to go up stairs and wonder thur all the beautiful quilt fabric.) The fabric I picked out was so soft and set the whole quilt off, beautifully.
The batting used inside was 100%  , as was all the fabric. also I prewashed all the fabrics before and after . All the paints and dyes were heat set . Was very pleased , so was client and the now owner of this so Alaskan baby quilt .

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